Chain Stitch Crochet (Ch) – Easiest Tutorial with Photos & Video

Learn how to chain stitch crochet! beside your foundation chain, chain stitch is often used in many other crochet pattern stitches in between other stitches. It is abbreviated to “ch” in crochet patterns. Making the chain stitches is very easy. The challenge is keeping the tension correct so that you don’t have different sized loops and ‘links’ in your chain. This is something that definitely gets easier with practice!

Chain Stitch Crochet, How to Crochet Chain StitchPin
Chain Stitch Crochet, How to Crochet Chain Stitch

Chain Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Chain stitches are the starting row of all crochet fabrics and are essential in creating many interesting patterns. Your pattern may call this starting chain stitch a foundation row or foundation chain.

Abbreviation for Chain Stitch Crochet

Chain stitch is abbreviated to ch for crochet patterns. You might see instructions to ch2 and this will mean to do 2 chain stitches.

The pattern may also tell you to sc in the 2nd ch. This means to insert the hook into the second chain stitch and do a single crochet. When counting chain stitches to insert your hook into, miss the loop that is on the hook. You also don’t count the slip knot at the end.

Supplies for Chain Stitch

  • Yarn – Any thickness or type. Read about types of yarn.
  • Hook – Should be a matching size to your yarn. If you look at the label of your yarn, it will have a recommendation for the hook size. Read more about hook sizes for crochet.

If you are just learning how to crochet, try chain stitch with some worsted weight yarn and a 5-6mm hook. The yarn can be acrylic or wool or any combination you like. Choose a smooth yarn for easier chain stitches.

How to Chain Stitch Crochet – Video Tutorial

Here is a video showing you how to do chain stitch. Once you have your slip knot done, you will have a chain in just a few seconds!

Chain Stitch Tutorial Video

How to Do Chain Stitch Crochet Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 – Slip Knot

To start chain stitch crochet you need to make your slip knot. There are several ways to do this but it can easily be done with your crochet hook.

  1. Create a loop on your hook
  2. Yarn over.
  3. Pull the yarn through the loop.
  4. Pull tight and move the knot up near the hook.

Insert the hook into the loop formed by your slip knot. Pull the loop fairly tight, but loose enough to allow movement of the hook.

How to Do Chain Stitch Crochet - Slip KnotPin
How to Do Chain Stitch Crochet – Slip Knot

Holding the Hook for Chain Stitch Crochet

Now you have a slip knot you need to hold your crochet hook ready to make the first chain stitch. Hold the knot between your thumb and a finger of your non-dominant hand (if you are right-handed this will be your left hand). Which finger depends upon which finger you are using to keep your yarn tension constant. If you use your forefinger to keep tension you will use your middle finger for this.

Here you can see how I hold my hands for the crocheting chain stitch. I hold the hook on top like a knife but you can also hold it underneath like a pencil. Find a position that feels comfortable.


Step 2 – First Chain Stitch: Yarn Over

Wrap the working yarn (ie. the yarn coming from the ball, not the tail end) over the hook, from back to front. You can do this using your non-dominant hand to move the yarn, or by using your dominant hand to twist the hook slightly to get the yarn wrapped around it. This is called yarn over and is written yo in crochet patterns.

Chain Stitch CrochetPin
Chain Stitch Crochet

Step 3 – First Chain Stitch: Pull Through

Now grab that yarn wrap with the hooked part of your crochet hook, and pull it through the loop already on your hook.

That makes one chain stitch crochet.

Chain Stitch CrochetPin
Chain Stitch Crochet

Step 5 – Repeat for More Crochet Chain Stitch

To make the next chain stitch, yarn over the hook again and pull it through the current loop. Keep repeating this movement until you have the required number of chain stitches. Try to keep each loop of the chain the same size.

Chain Stitch CrochetPin
Chain Stitch Crochet

Counting Chain Stitch Crochet

When counting your chain stitches, do not include the slip knot in your count, and do not include the loop on your hook.

Chain Stitch Crochet – Counting

As the length of your chain increases, keep moving your finger and thumb up the chain, keeping them close to the hook to keep your tension steady.

Using Your Chain Stitch Crochet

Once you have created a chain stitch crochet in your desired length, you can single crochet, double crochet or treble crochet into the loops formed. Learn more about the basic crochet stitches.

To form a single crochet stitch: (US terminology)

Step 1 – First Single Crochet Stitch

  • Insert the hook 2 crochet chain stitches from the end.
Single Crochet into Crochet Chain StitchPin
Single Crochet into Crochet Chain Stitch
  • Yarn over.
  • Pull through the first stitch. (2 loops on hook).
Single Crochet into Crochet Chain StitchPin
Single Crochet into Crochet Chain Stitch
  • Yarn over.
  • Pull through the stitches, so you have one remaining stitch.
Single Crochet into a Chain Stitch CrochetPin
Single Crochet into a Chain Stitch Crochet

Each loop of the chain must be loose enough to insert your hook into when working the next row. If your loops are too tight, you will struggle to form the next row of crochet stitches. If you find that your loops are forming too tightly, use a larger hook just for your foundation chain. When you have had some practice with forming chain stitches you will find that you develop a rhythm while making them. Once you get into this rhythm, you will be able to work fast and your tension will be even.

Step 2 – First Row of Stitches

Chain stitch crochet is also used to start new rows. In order to start crocheting a new row, you will need to increase the height appropriately. Without a turning chain stitch, your ends would be squashed down, and your crochet would be out of shape very quickly.

  • Get to the end of the first row.
  • Chain to the correct height. This is called the turning chain.

Turning Crochet Chain Stitch Numbers

Turning stitches are needed to create height for your new rows. These are done with chain stitches. Here are the number of turning chains required for the basic crochet stitches. Most of the time the turning chain will count as your first stitch of the row unless your pattern says otherwise.

  1. Single crochet – 1 chain
  2. Half double crochet – 2 chains
  3. Double crochet – 3 chains
  4. Treble crochet – 4 chains
  • Turn your work around, so you are crocheting right to the left again.

Step 3 – More Rows of Stitches

  • Insert your hook into the top of the next stitch and continue with your crochet stitch. Note you will be inserting the hook through both of the loops on the top.

Some patterns will tell you to do the chain at the beginning of the next row and some will say to chain at the end of the previous row. The result is the same. Occasionally patterns will omit to remind you to do this turning chain stitch so you need to remember. Just be consistent with your method.

Chain Stitch Crochet as Foundation for Single CrochetPin
Chain Stitch Crochet as Foundation for Single Crochet

Chain Stitch Crochet – In Conclusion

As well as forming the foundation chain, chain stitch crochet can also be used for creating ties for slippers or baby booties, as a creative ‘ribbon’ for tying up parcels, or to hang things up or tie things back. It is far more decorative than a simple strand of string or yarn. I have seen a beautiful example of curtain tiebacks made from chain stitch, with small crochet flowers added to the chain afterward. Learning how to chain stitch is definitely an essential skill for working the magic that is crochet!

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Chain Stitch Crochet, How to Crochet Chain StitchPin

Chain Stitch Crochet

Learn how to crochet chain stitch with this easy step by step tutorial. Chain stitch crochet is the foundation of many other stitches and is an essential crochet skill.


Difficulty: Easy Beginner

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  • Create a slip knot and insert your hook in the loop.

  • Hold the hook in your right hand and wind the yarn over the hook from back to front.

  • Pull the loop through the slip knot and you have your first chain stitch.

  • Repeat – yarn over, pull through loop.

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