‘Canada’ Day

  As a child of settlers, it took some time before I began to understand the role of Europeans (in particular the French and British) in the formation of this land. I was privileged in having history teachers who taught the actual always dominant nature of the settlement (theft) of this land from the First … Read more

Weaving a Life: A Good Life

An unexamined life, they say, isn’t worth living. Well, about that… I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t think about life, and stuff. Maybe because I read? I dunno. Maybe I read because I wanted to understand. I wanted to think things through, and it helped me do that when I … Read more

Weaving a Life: Economic Reality (TMI?)

promotional material done for the gift show we used to do Yesterday I posted about the fact that my weaving income would not qualify as a ‘living’ and someone asked if it had ever been our ‘living’. The fact is that technically, for about 9 years, we had no other income than weaving. Would I … Read more

Ice, snow, and northern lights

The nature. On the plane on the way to Iceland (if you fly Iceland Air which I recommend), there are lots of fun videos about this country. Many of them are about how to enjoy and protect THE nature. I love that they use an article to set apart the monumental importance of the landscape … Read more

3 Tips for Introverts — Sketch Design Repeat

Marketing Tip #1: Reframe What “Marketing” Is At its core, marketing is simply the process of finding customers willing to pay for your art. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling products or services, the process is largely the same: You try a bunch of different things to find customers, work to build and relationships … Read more