Two Ways to Wallpaper Your Staircase

Looking to climb up and take the next step in wallpapering your home? Join Brittany Watson Jepsen from craft and DIY website The House That Lars Built to learn two unique ways to bring color and life to your stairs using Peel and Stick wallpaperfrom the risers to the stairwell walls. Featured wallpaper designs: Black … Read more

Announcing October 2022 Design Challenge Themes

Spoonflower’sWeekly Design ChallengesEncourage creativity by inviting our community to submit designs around a theme and vote on favorites to win weekly prizes. See what design challenges are coming up and which designers were crowned grand-champion in past challengeshere. Be sure to visit the blog to learn more aboutSpoonflower’s Design Challenge rules and moderation process. This … Read more

3 Wallpaper Projects to Freshen Up Your Home Office

It’s a known fact that having an aesthetically pleasing workspace boosts mood, productivity and motivation. With work-from-home life continuing to thrive, it’s important that your home office makes you happy and invites you back to get tasks done! Join Spoonflower Ambassador and surface pattern designer Jeanetta Gonzales to learn three different ways Peel and Stick … Read more

Art Agents: Do You Really Need One?

I see many artists seeking representation from an agent, and it’s easy to understand why.Surprisingly though, having an agent is not the secret to success that many artists expect it to be and it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons before signing a contract that might not serve you well in the … Read more

How to Make a No-Sew Fabric Bulletin Board

As it’s all too easy to let special photographs languish away in a drawer, why not show them off in a way that complements your own style and home decor? This quick bulletin board upgrade project by Spoonflower’s Collaborations Manager Katherine Miles Jones gives those old photos a space to shine once again out in … Read more

How to Add Embroidery to a Wall Hanging

Join Spoonflower Ambassador Robert Mahar to learn how you can take an already gorgeous wall hanging and make it extra special with the art of embroidery. Start off with Spoonflower’s ready-to-go wall hangingsor even construct your own using a fat quarter of fabric. Featured design: Flowering Plants Botanical Chart by robert_mahar Robert: As we approach … Read more