Bowl Cozy Pattern – Free Microwave Bowl Pattern

Comfortable, safe, cozy, and created for the right size to fit a bowl, that is what making a bowl cozy pattern is all about. Download the free pattern in this tutorial, get the right fabric and batting, and away you go! This pattern comes in 3 different sizes as well as round or square corners so you can get the perfect size and shape.

How to Make a Bowl CozyPin
How to Make a Bowl Cozy

Bowl Cozy Pattern Tutorial

A bowl cozy is a really neat way to insulate a bowl and protect your fingertips from being scorched. Bowl cozies are an ideal way to present a hot meal in a bowl straight, to the table. They are also great for a TV dinner and an ideal gift. Why not use one to protect your hands when eating a cold bowl of ice cream!

WARNING – Bowl cozies are not designed to go in the microwave but rather protect your hands from hot bowls once they are removed. The amount of protection will depend on the type and thickness of the batting you choose. Some microwave cozy patterns say they can go in the microwave but I don’t recommend this. Certain battings can contain lead and are not compatible with microwaves. You may end up with a few sparks flying and damage to your microwave.

Supplies to Make a Bowl Cozy

You will need:

  • FABRIC – Square pieces of cotton fabric, in a suitable size for the pattern. This pattern is ideal for use fat quarters or fabric scraps.
  • BATTING – Natural cotton batting. Must not be polyester as this can melt.
  • CUTTING TOOLS – Scissors or a rotary cutter and an appropriate cutting mat.
  • SEWING TOOLS – Sewing machine, 100% cotton thread. A walking foot is a good optional extra to help sew thicker fabrics and batting.
  • MARKING TOOL – A marking pen or tailor’s chalk that won’t show through the fabric.

Best Fabric for a Bowl Cozy Pattern

When you choose the fabric for your bowl cozy it must be 100% cotton. Bowl cozies are a great way to use up scraps of fabric as long as you know they are 100% cotton. This applies to the batting too.

INSULATING BATTING – Batting should be 100% cotton or you can purchase heat-insulating batting. If you use this type of batting it is extremely important that you do not place the bowl cozy in the microwave as it may contain traces of metal or lead and catch fire.

Bowl Cozy Pattern Download

Click here to download the free bowl cozy pattern pdf. It will print on 4 regular a4 or letter pages and you can stick the pattern together as shown below. Learn how to print PDF patterns.

Bowl Cozy PatternPin
Bowl Cozy Pattern

Safety and Your Bowl Cozy

As previously stated, it is very important to ensure the fabric and the batting are 100% cotton and are not placed in the microwave or stove. Carefully remove the hot bowl from the heat of the stove or microwave and nest it inside the bowl cozy. Depending on the absorption heat of your batting, you may still feel the heat through the cozy so still, be extremely careful, and don’t burn yourself.

Bowl Cozy PatternPin
Bowl Cozy Pattern

How to Make a Bowl Cozy Step by Step

Step 1 – Cut the Fabric

Cut your pre-washed and ironed main piece of fabric to size. You can enlarge or make the cozy smaller if you wish to sew another size.

Cut two squares of fabric and 2 squares of batting for added insulation. You can see on the paper pattern that you have the choice of rounded or square corners as well as 3 sizes.

Step 2 – Quilt the Fabric and Batting Together

Lay one square of fabric face down on the table and place the batting on top on the wrong side. Mark and stitch diagonally across the batting side in an x ​​as shown. Do the same on the other piece of fabric and batting. A walking foot can be a big help in sewing batting so it doesn’t catch or wrinkle.

Bowl Cozy Patten -Quilt the Fabric and BattingPin
Bowl Cozy Patten -Quilt the Fabric and Batting

Step 4 – Stitch the Darts

From your paper pattern, cut out the triangles of the darts. Transfer the dart markings to the batting using a removable pen or chalk. (Note you are only cutting the paper pattern – don’t cut these triangles from the fabric.)

Bowl Cozy Pattern - Marking DartsPin
Bowl Cozy Pattern – Marking Darts

Fold the piece of fabric and batting in half along the darts with the right sides touching. Sew the darts in the 4 places.

Now you have two halves of the bowl cozy with batting and a set of darts.

Bowl Cozy PatternPin
Bowl Cozy Pattern

Step 5 – Stitch Outside and Inside Together

Trim the darts to ¼ inch (6mm) and press them open.

Inset one bowl cozy into the other, right sides together. Line them up so the corners match and the sides meet. Sew all around the edge with a ½ inch (12mm) seam allowance and leave an opening on one side of about 2 inches (5cm) for turning the bowl cozy through to the right side. The raw edges will be encased so there is no need to finish the seam with a serger or zig-zag.

Step 6 – Turn and Press

For the square corners, clip the corners. If you are making the bowl cozy with the rounded edges, do small clips at the corners so they turn neatly.

Turn the bowl cozy through the gap and press. Press the edges in at the gap and then top stitch all around the edge of the bowl cozy. If the edges are too thick to go through your machine, just hand stitch the gap closed using an invisible stitch. I found it easier to hand stitch the gap as my machine was skipping stitches due to the thickness of the double batting layers.

Bowl Cozy Pattern InstructionsPin
Bowl Cozy Pattern Instructions

There you have it a completed bowl cozy. The bowl cozy keeps the contents warm while protecting your fingers.

Washing Your Bowl Cozy

Wash your bowl cozy in cold water and lay it out flat to dry. Alternatively, dry in a dryer on a low setting and press with a steam iron to return the bowl cozy to its shape.

Bowl Cozy Pattern with Square or Rounded CornersPin
Bowl Cozy Pattern with Square or Rounded Corners

Bowl Cozy Pattern – In Conclusion

A fabric bowl cozy pattern is such a practical idea but at the same time makes a decorative addition to the table. A winter warmer for your delicious soup or a pot warmer should you decide to make a bigger size.

More Sewing Patterns for Your Kitchen

Bowl Cozy PatternPin

Bowl Cozy Pattern

Get this free printable bowl cozy pattern that is easy to make.


Difficulty: Easy Beginner

Keyword: Sewing Patterns


  • Sewing Basics Machine, thread, markers, scissors


  • Cotton Fabric
  • Cotton Batting


  • *This cozy bowl is not designed to be put in the microwave. Be cautious when placing the hot bowl in the cozy as the amount of insulation will depend on the batting you have used.

  • Download and tape the pattern together. There are 3 sizes and a choice of round or square corners.

  • Cut 2 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces of batting.

  • Lay the batting on the back of the fabric. Sew across the diagonals in a cross.

  • Cut the dart shapes from the paper pattern and transfer the markings to the fabric. Stitch the darts. Trim the darts to ¼ inch (6mm).

  • Put the 2 pieces right sides together and stitch around the edge with a ½ inch (12mm) seam allowance. Leave a 2 inch (5cm) gap on one side.

  • Clip the corners or curves and turn the bowl cozy to the right side. Press. Close the gap with topsitching or by hand stitching it closed.

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