10 Glorious Gardening Sewing Projects

Many of us are gardeners as well as sewists, and since it’s time to spend time in the yard and get our hands dirty, we thought we’d gather some of our favorite gardening sewing projects!

My garden is full of promise! Roses and clematis full of buds, tri-colored beech showing off, and Rose of Sharon leafing out beautifully.

The first day of summer has finally come, and with it, warm weather. I live in Spokane, Washington, and we have had rainy, windy weather all spring. I’m talking RAINY and WINDY, like the rainiest May on record. The river that runs through the middle of town was at flood levels a few times — pretty scary. But that’s all a memory now, and I’ve been out in the garden repairing rained-out beds, planting my annual containers, and saying a happy hello to my perennials. Our garden is coming alive, and I’m here for it, finally!

I’ve collected 10 patterns to enhance your gardening life, whether you’re planting veggies, flowers, or both! These projects fit into a few categories: Totes, aprons, and tools; gifts; and home decor. Get your gardening gloves on, because here we go!

We love projects that we can put to work. These sturdy, well-designed patterns are truly helpful in the garden, and they’re all easy to sew, too. Remember that these projects are gardening tools, so they’re going to get dirty. That’s part of the fun!

Handy Gardener’s Apron by Sarah Minshall

The Handy Gardener's Apron is one of our must-make gardening sewing projects.

I love to wear an apron while gardening, especially one that has a lot of pockets! The Handy Gardener’s Apron is designed especially for working in the yard, patio, or wherever you garden. The pockets keep your gardening tools close at hand and give your clothes a little protection (although who’s kidding who — you’re going to get dirty!) Made from durable denim with scrappy pocket accents, this apron will be your go-to accessory when working outside.

Garden Variety Tote by Jessica Giardino

As sewists, we know we can’t have enough totes, and gardeners feel the same! Put your sewing skills to the task on the Garden Variety Tote. With plenty of pockets, you can keep track of all your tools and supplies — this oversized gardening tote has plenty of storage, inside and out. Dress up the tote with seed packet embroidery designs to make the tote really special.

Playful Beach Bucket by Linda Turner Griepentrog

Don’t let the name of this project turn you off — Playful Beach Bucket is a perfect gardening sewing project, too! This unique pattern starts with a 5-gallon bucket from the home-improvement store, and don’t we have plenty of those sitting in the gardening shed? Sew the pocketed tie-on cover to hold your tools, and you have the perfect weeding bucket. Hear me out — don’t be too precious about your fabric! Choose a cotton that you can toss in the washer; something that you can wash over and over again. You could even use a laminated fabric. Embrace the dirt, then wash it away.

Garden Tool Pouch by Tina Lewis

After a gardening session, I’ve been known to toss my tools in the garden shed (and even leave one or two in a pot). One of the good habits I’m trying to develop is brushing off my tools and putting them in one place when I’m done with them. The Garden Tool Pouch will be a great help with this — it protects essential gardening tools — clippers, hand cultivator, weed digger, gardening gloves, and so on, and looks great doing it.

Double-Duty Garden Knee Pad by Kaelin Telschow

Knees take a beating during gardening season, and a knee pad can be your best friend. Why not use some bright fabric to make your own? The Double-Duty Garden Knee Pad is particularly suited to cotton laminate, oilcloth, or PUL (polyurethane laminate). Padded with a piece of 18″ x 12″ x 3″-inch polyurethane foam, your knees will be able to do a happy dance after an afternoon of gardening. And true to its name, a simple strap and oversized pocket provide a convenient place to carry some gardening tools as well.

Gardening Gifts to Sew

Share your love of gardening (and sewing!) with these lovely garden-themed gifts.

Fresh Cut Flowers Notecards by Rachel Hauser

This project is a favorite of mine because I love papercrafting. Sewing plus papercrafts? Yes, please! The pattern includes directions and templates for making a fabulous set of 5 X 7 greeting cards. If you haven’t sewn on paper before, the Fresh Cut Flowers Notecards will be an extra fun adventure. What a special gift (and scrap buster)!

Field of Flowers Journal Cover by Rachel Hauser

Dress up a simple composition book with this removable notebook cover. Dig into your scrap bin for this project; Customize it for gift-giving or use your precious scraps on a journal cover for yourself. Most books are 9¾” x 7½” — so versatile! The Field of Flowers Journal makes a great bullet journal, gardening journal, or list keeper. Make one with the colors of each season so you or a friend can change it out to welcome a new time of year.

Roll-Up Seed Saver by Briana Arlene

I couldn’t decide how to categorize this super-cool creation. Is it a tool or a gift? It’s both, really, but I think it’s so special I put it in the gift section. I would love to get something like this, so unique and useful! I’ve never seen a seed-keeper like this, and I’m an avid gardener, so it really struck my fancy. The Roll-Up Seed Saver does just that — it keeps your seeds fresh for the next season. I rarely use all of the seeds in a packet, so I love this idea. Use laminated cotton to protect your seeds and keep out moisture. After filling the fifteen (!) pockets with your leftover seeds, just roll up and tie the seed saver and store it in a cool, dark place.

Gardening Sewing Projects for the Home

Bring the garden indoors with these beautiful home decor projects!

Vintage Seed Packet Wall Art by Kevin Kosbab

I love the vintage vibe of this wall hanging. The 3D embroidery is stunning, and brings a new dimension to classic botanical artwork. Stretch your hand appliqué and embroidery techniques with the Vintage Seed Packet Wall Art, using lots of fun, possibly new-to-you techniques. Fabrics ranging from simple solid cotton to textural silk and velvet blend with a variety of stitches to recreate the distinctive characteristics of three flower-garden favorites. Embroidered lettering adds to the vintage appeal. A perfect project for a screened-in porch, kitchen, or your sewing studio!

Happy Garden Light Shades by Anne Deister

I literally gasped when I saw this project in the Sew Daily Shop. How adorable, and super fun to make. The Happy Garden Light Shades (happy, indeed!) add a little twinkle to your garden or porch. Use your favorite print fabric, some coordinating solids, and iron-on vinyl to make them outdoor-ready. Simply slip them over a set of string lights for instant ambiance. So cute, so easy, so festive! Bring on the summer patio parties.

I hope you’ll try one or more of these gardening sewing projects. And why not sew one of them outside? Here’s Meg, dreaming of turning her tablecloth into a dress. How cute would that be?

Happy sewing (and gardening!),


Get Outside with these Garden Sewing Patterns:

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